EKCEP Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Catalyzing Careers on the Cutting Edge

The Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. and FOUR18 Intelligence have launched a pilot program that trains, certifies, and rates new computer networking and cybersecurity workers in Eastern Kentucky. We are seeking employers interested in recruiting a high-skilled, low-cost, highly committed cyber workforce in Eastern Kentucky, either in local offices or working remotely from modern telework sites.

What is the program?

EKCEP, in collaboration with FOUR18 Intelligence Corp., is piloting a cybersecurity training and job placement program in Eastern Kentucky that could be scaled-up throughout the state and the Appalachian region.

FOUR18’s FOURSight platform acts as an equalizer that helps candidates develop state-of-the-art skills.

This program will:

  • Screen applicants for aptitude and fit in cybersecurity analysis

  • Train a cohort of 30 students in Computer Networking and help them obtain the CompTIA Network+ entry level certification

  • Train and certify the cohort in Cyber Analysis with internationally recognized experts to obtain the CompTIA Security+ certification

  • Develop a professional-grade cybersecurity analytics toolset for students to use in learning and applying their training to actual cybersecurity data analysis and incident response workflow
  • Provide live threat hunting game exercises and access to FOUR18’s community knowledge sharing and skills rating platform for accelerated student learning and feedback

  • Deliver a work-study internship with prospective employers to the top 15 students

  • Perform job placement services with companies inside and outside the region interested in Eastern Kentucky teleworkers

Why us, why now?

  • Cybersecurity is an urgent national priority for the well-being of private and government organizations. The costs and frequency of cyber attacks are rising, but organizations are lagging behind. In the last year:

    • 53% of U.S. businesses report to have been hacked in the last 12 months.
    • Breaches and ransomware attacks now routinely cost in the millions of dollars.
    • 56% of firms have experienced supply chain issues with only 7% actively addressing them.
  • There is a massive unmet need for skilled cybersecurity workers and a dearth of talent. In 2018 over 300,000 vacancies existed in the U.S. that took more than 6 months to fill.

  • Eastern Kentucky has infrastructure and a stable, affordable labor supply ready to get to work, and entering training in 2019.

How do I get the ball rolling?

Applications from students for our first cohort closed on August 18, 2019. If you are a resident of Eastern Kentucky and are interested in being considered for a potential future cohort, please send us a message by using the Contact Us button below, or send us an email at cyber@ekcep.org to be added to our contact list.

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